2 is smart.

Why should you hire two photographers instead of just one?

We are able to work together to get more moments captured.  Grandma is tearing up looking at the bride fresh into her wedding gown, at the same moment the Grooms men are intensely trying to remember the instructions on how to tie their bow ties.... one photographer is not able to get these simultaneous moments.  Choosing two photographers is smart!

Yes, we can capture the same moments from two different angles. And that is just cool. It is true one photographer can position themselves strategically and capture both Bride and her Father walking down the isle and the grooms face as he watches her walking towards him. We've done it before.  But one photographer has to turn there backs one of those moments... see where we're going with this...

We also get a larger variety of the bridal and group photos. You don't have just one artistic mind at work. As soon as one photographer has grabbed their shot, the next swoops in to set up the next shot.  We inspire each other with the constant back and forth of ideas!  
Are there going to be children in your wedding party? Or perhaps adults who are very similar to children? When there are two photographer, it is much easier to get every ones attention (Jessica has been spotted jumping around making chimp noises and making finger puppets climb up Jen's arm), keeping people smiling, laughing, and making the whole process painless! 

Jen and Jessica have been doing these things solo for years. They are awesome. So much fun. But when we started working together, our Brides & Grooms along with ourselves realized how much more epicly awesome it is  have two photographers!

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